8 game-changing ways to use essential oils

If you’re not doing #3, you’re missing out!

You may have noticed that Aveda’s Singular Notes — now called Essential Oils — got a makeover just in time for spring! They’re still the same aromatic, skin-safe, mixable oils you know and love. The formulas are 100% the same, but they’re all dressed up in some fun, fresh new packaging.

Aveda's Essential Oils are unique because they’re 100% naturally derived* AND safe for use on your skin, thanks to a highly emollient coconut oil base. The oils have a multitude of uses, from a custom aroma to an aromatic bath oil.


There are myriad ways to use an essential oil, but we recommend starting here:

1. Use your favorite oil after showering to infuse your skin with the aroma.

2. Massage your scalp with a soothing oil like Lavender or Vanilla before bed.

3. Add a little bit of oil to your hair for a little aroma when you flip your hair.

4. Add a few drops to your bath for an aromatic soak.

5. Use your favorite oil as a pick-me-up during the day; add a drop or two to your wrists and deeply inhale.

6. Massage your tired feet with an invigorating oil like Peppermint. (You could even add some to Foot Relief!)

7. Get ready for a workout by applying either a soothing, calming oil like Lavender or Patchouli for yoga or an awakening blend like Tangerine for a run or cardio workout.

8. Make your own aroma! It’s the simplest option, but one of the most fun. The options are truly endless. More below.

Interested in beginning your journey with Aveda essential oils but not sure how to use them or which one appeals to your aromatic preferences? We’ll help you out.


Visit one of our stores or salons to test out the Essential Oils and discover what you’re drawn to. If you find yourself sparking to something citrusy, try Tangerine or Bergamot. If you want something richer and deeper, try Vanilla Absolute or Patchouli. Let your nose lead you to your new favorite aroma.


One of our favorite ways to use the Essential Oils is as a personal aroma. Layering, of course, is all about what blends appeal to YOU and your preferences, but if you want a jumping off point, here are a few blends we love:

Bergamot + lavender

Eucalyptus + peppermint

Patchouli + vanilla

Tangerine + vanilla


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