Get the "glass hair" trend Hollywood is loving

Shiny, healthy hair can be simple!

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t occasionally look to Hollywood for hair inspiration; after all, celebrities are often the first to debut new trends thanks to their glam teams! The latest trend we’re loving is called “glass hair,” which basically means super-shiny, almost reflective hair that looks healthy and totally chic. It’s most often seen paired with a precise bob hair cut, so if you’re thinking about making the chop, this is the perfect time to do it!

If you’re loving the look but your hair isn’t quite up to par, don’t fret. There are easy ways to boost your glow and get to shining like your favorite stars.

Be Brilliant. Aveda's Brilliant line of hair care products was designed to boost both softness and shine, so they’re definitely your go-to lineup when it comes to shine! Try the shampoo and conditioner for daily care or the Spray-On Shine or Emollient Finishing Gloss for styling.

Treat your hair right. Damaged hair = dull hair. Start fresh and get a hair cut! Add on a Botanical Therapy treatment at the salon to condition and care for your damaged hair. The real key to shiny hair is healthy hair, because healthy hair is happy hair!

Another culprit that could be dulling your shine? If you’ve got a lot of product buildup in your hair, now’s the time to clarify! Use Pramasana Scalp Cleanser first to give your scalp a good cleansing. Then, follow up with Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo, which cleanses both product buildup and pollution from the hair, or opt for Brilliant shampoo to deeply cleanse.

If you’re noticing buildup from too much time in the pool, try the Sun Care Cleanser for chlorine build-up.

Book a shine service. Put the shine back into your hair with a quick salon service! Book a shine treatment with your Earth Tones stylist; you can get a clear gloss if you don’t want to add color, or work with your Aveda Artist to customize a pretty, semi-permanent color with intense, beautiful shine.

Try a few simple styling tricks! One of our favorite shiny styling tricks pairs Brilliant Spray-On Shine with the Kabuki makeup brush. The brush’s dense bristles mean that the product sits on the surface of the brush, and it’s easy to glide down the hair for a glossy sheen. It’s also easier to control; you can get that high gloss you want without looking like an oil slick.

Got pesky flyaways? Up your shine and reduce flyaways by loading up a tissue with hair spray (Air Control works best) and wipe it down the hair. Pick a decent tissue and make sure to get it quite wet; we recommend spraying it thoroughly but not to the point of breakage. Then, simply wipe it down the hair for shine and hold without feeling like a helmet.

Another shiny standout is Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. Pump some into your hands and massage them together to warm up the product, then PRESS sections of hair firmly between your hands and slide them down the length. This is a perfect trick on flat-ironed hair to add high-gloss shine.

For curly shine, try Brilliant Humectant Pomade. It works by helping light reflect off the curl, so work a small amount into your curls to give them a beautiful gloss.

Feeling inspired? Check out some shiny looks from our Aveda Artists!


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